Mark Easton is an Ogre!

Cross Check Edinburgh Ogres are delighted to confirm signing of Forward Mark Easton.

With hugely anticipated Summer Classic few weeks away, more deals is being finalised to ensure we have a competitive team out there.

Easty, who is slowly running out of ex Caps players to interview, decided to follow his son Justin, and begin playing Career. After joining #OgreArmy practises he instantly impressed with his speed and fitness. We are still not sure where do we change batteries in this machine, but it doesn’t look like they are running out anytime soon.

OgreArmy Head Coach Gregor Berry:

“Easty is a valuable addition to our squad - whether he's flying down the wing or somersaulting backwards over walls, there's no questioning the energy and enthusiasm he brings to the team.”

Mark Easton:

”When I was asked to sign with the Ogres I had to take two things into consideration. First of all whether or not I could work alongside Chris Gent again. Listening to Chris woffle on is tough at times but I have decided to give him another chance.

Another huge reason for my decision was to play with my all time Caps hero Ally Flockhart. I watched him in his Caps career and could not turn down the chance to play alongside my favourite ever player. I still have his poster on my bedroom wall and I even bought a whistle when he went into officiating.

I have enjoyed training so far and overcame a few obstacles but feel I'm now finding my feet.

It’s the only team I have ever wanted to play for”

Mark Easton will play with #43 and is sponsored by EnergyWise.