Sean Willis is an Ogre!

Cross Check Edinburgh Ogre are proud to announce robbing Glasgow Ruckus of their Netminder!

As the big debut game is coming closer we are not only strengthening our own squad, but also trying to weaken the opposition. Sean who was heavily involved in Ruckus first season last year, joined our practices and quickly decided he wants to be on the winning side and become full time Ogre. With Willis name being well known in Edinburgh hockey world, it is really a homecoming for the Netminder.

Edinburgh Ogres Head Coach, Gregor Berry:

“Sean didn't need to wait for the Ogres' glorious Summer Classic triumph to decide that if you can't beat 'em, join 'em, and he's a very valuable addition to our squad, whether making big saves or heckling his own defensemen.”

Sean Willis:

“I'm delighted to suit up for the Ogres and I'm particularly looking forward to not having transport rank goalie kit from edinburgh to glasgow.”

Sean Willis will play with #19 and his jersey is up for sponsorship!