Shaun Cowan is an Ogre!

Cross Check Edinburgh Ogres are proud to confirm the signing of Shaun Cowan.

The popular "Giant Steve" is one of the founding fathers of #OgreArmy. Despite some rumours stating otherwise, it is Shaun who came up with the name and the Ogres logo. He was also General Manager in the early days. It gets even better on ice where as one of very few players in the world he can successfully play as Netminder or Defenceman.

Head Coach, Gregor Berry:

“With our squad building entering the final phase, we knew that we were looking for the final piece of the puzzle - someone who could add speed, skill and a real scoring punch to our lineup. Unfortunately time ran out, so out of last minute desperation we've opted for Shaun.”

Shaun's versatility has been invaluable so far, with the ability to play in goals or as a defenseman a very useful addition. He also has a knack for coming up with club slogans...

Shaun Cowan:

"This is the dream. This is what we worked and built the Ogres for. We travelled in a snow storm during a red weather warning - that is passion! I was a goalie but I was damaging morale with my amazing saves so have decided to play the same position as my spirit animal Jaroslav Hertl. I am proud to be in this squad. Let's go #OgreArmy
P.S Hi Gytis's Mom!“

Giant Steve will play with #84 and his giant jersey is up for sponsorship!